The Biggest Movie From The Year You Were Born

Your birthday gifts you a Zodiac sign, a generation, a gemstone, a Chinese animal avatar, a spiritual celebrity twin born the same day, or just your own personal holiday to tide you over until the next national day off. But why stop there? Your entire birth year deserves a symbolic movie, too, the BIGGEST film from a 12-month window that surely says something about where you’ve come from, and who you’ve become.

Which movie you’ll cling to depends on your metrics. “Biggest” could mean the blockbuster that topped the box office during the year you were born. Or maybe “biggest” has cultural value — prestige doesn’t get much bigger than winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Or maybe you’re a little more thoughtful and need a recommendation. We’ve got you covered in all three departments. Whether you’re 10 or 100 — seriously, we’re not ageist — everyone deserves a movie they can stream on a whim and call their own. Here are yours (and your friends’, and your parents’, and your grandparents’, and… ):

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